Jan Pospíšil
Fat Kid Art
Illustration by Jan Pospisil

Fat Kid Art

Illustration by Jan Pospisil

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About Me

I have past experience as a PC game concept artist and I've been a full time freelance illustrator for roughly five years. (mainly sf/f roleplaying games, card and boardgames, novel illustrations, some PC/mobile games etc.)
If you'd like to commission me or offer me a full time job, use one of these to contact me:

e-mail: JanPospisil42@gmail.com

phone: The number in the top right corner.

(Note that I prefer communication over e-mail. My spoken English is good, but I might just not be awake if You call from a wildly different timezone.)

UPDATE December 2017

I am looking mainly for colour work. (RPGs, cards, book covers, anything like that)
Although If You have a black and white illustration job You'd like me to do, please contact me as well.

Previous clients

Paradigm Concepts (Witch Hunter RPG), Moon Design Publishing (Glorantha), Rite Publishing (Kaidan), Cubicle 7 (Victoriana,Cthulhu Brittanica, Laundry, The One Ring, Hobbit Tales), Pelgrane Press (Hillfolk), A Sharp (King of Dragon Pass, 6Ages), Khepera (Hellas RPG), Tricky Owlbear Publishing...
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